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The Most Advanced Dental Imaging Technology

The success of any dental treatment depends not only on the expertise of the dental practitioner and the cooperation of the patient, but also on the technology being used. The CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) gives a very detailed 3-dimensional image in contrast to conventional x-rays which only give a 2-dimensional image. The 3D image makes the understanding of the patient’s problem much better improving the quality of care dental practitioners can provide.

The CBCT is used when a patient has a complex problem and is utilized to plan the surgical procedure to improve predictability, quality and safety of the procedure. It is also used to plan and simulate dental implant surgery ensuring that the most suitable type of implant is used and securing that no nerve damage or damage to other structures happen during the surgery.

Infograph showing the amount of three-dimensional chin and tooth tomography radiation
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Is CBCT scan safe?

The CBCT is very safe. CBCT has a very strong electronic sensor which makes it possible to capture the images with minimal radiation dose. Radiation exposure from CBCT is up to 10 times less than that incurred from medical CT scanning, which exposes a patient to a dose of approximately 400 to 1000 µSv. In principle, anyone can have a CBCT scan – however, you have to keep your head without movement during the scan so small children and patients who are not able to keep their head still are the limitations.