Benefits of Digital Smile Design
November 28, 2021

Advantages of smile design in Turkey

The most important advantage of digital smile design is that the patient can see what kind of smile they will have before aesthetic dental treatment. The face of the person is also transferred to the system with the latest technology computer software. Thus, the patient can see what they will look like at the end of the treatment before the treatment begins.

There is no room for surprises in digital smile design. Patient satisfaction is guaranteed work. The patient can have the smile that they want and approve completely. The use of digital possibilities in smile design allows the treatment to be personalized.

The dentist listens to the patient in detail, and the necessary videos and photographs are taken, and a smile design is prepared by taking into account the face, teeth, jaw, and character features, with the help of the software that we use. Smile design is a holistic and multidisciplinary treatment. The main purpose is to protect the oral health of the patient and to gain an aesthetic smile.

In prosthetic smile design, implant treatment, orthodontic treatment, prosthetic tooth applications, gingival treatments are performed together. Thus, the most accurate smile is designed by taking support from all applications used in dentistry.

How do you execute the procedures?

The following steps are performed at the first appointment in digital smile design;

  • • A digital impression of the teeth is taken using a 3D intraoral scanner.
  • • Photographs of the patient are taken from different angles in a private studio.
  • • Case examples are shown to the patient in the form of a before/after made by the dentist.
  • • Thanks to a special software, digital smile design is made.

The second appointment in digital smile design is now defined as the process in which the processes begin. The second appointment is carried out in the following steps;

  • • Necessary procedures are performed for the patient’s teeth and gums.
  • • Thanks to the 3D intraoral scanner, digital measurements of the teeth are taken
  • • The patient’s approval for digital smile design is obtained and necessary revisions are made.

How much does a smile design cost?

The price of the smile design application varies according to the institutions where you have the smile design application made. In other words, different fees are determined for the smile design application in private practice and different in hospitals. Pricing policies vary according to such situations. Therefore, your doctor will inform you of the most accurate price. To have more information about more detailed treatment methods and the costs of these treatment methods, you can visit our Dental Excellence Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic in Antalya for more information about smile design treatment and treatment fees.


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