Dental Implants You Can Smile About: Full Mouth Dental Implants
June 9, 2022

Have you ever found yourself shying away from engaging in pleasant conversation due to dental imperfections? Do your missing teeth prevent you from enjoying food due to issues chewing? Are you longing for a big, radiant smile filled with confidence? If your answer is “yes” then full dental implants could be the right solution for you. And we can assist you in achieving the confident smile you’ve always desired.

How do full mouth dental implants work?

It is possible to replace a single tooth with a dental crown linked to a single implant. On the other hand, if you have the need to replace several missing teeth or if you are simply looking for a full smile make-over, then a series of implants can be utilized to support an entire row of teeth. Full mouth dental implants use four to eight dental implants each row of replacement teeth, rather than one per replacement tooth.

What are the benefits of getting full mouth dental implants?

Full mouth dental implants have undeniable advantages over other dental implant treatment options and because of all of these advantages, dental implants are an excellent long-term investment for oral health. A full mouth treatment:

  • Boosts your self-confidence as your new customized smile will look and feel great.
  • Provides you with great comfort especially for missing teeth as implants do fit better.
  • Offers a permanent solution that lasts for a lifetime. With adequate oral hygiene, your full mouth dental implant can last up to 25 to 30 years before you require a touch-up.
  • Makes sure implants attach securely to the jawbone providing greater stability and better preserves bone health ensuring regeneration.

Antalya: The perfect destination to get your implants!

The Turkish centre for international tourism located on the Mediterranean coast of southwestern Turkey, Antalya is among the most popular medical tourism destinations in the world with its 45 JCI accredited hospitals for patients who seek both high-quality medical treatment and a pleasant vacation at the same time.

You can get your full mouth dental implants in Antalya, one of the 100% worth visiting destinations in Turkey, at affordable and reasonable rates depending on the specific case and complexity of the procedure. It is an excellent destination for air, sea, and land travel. Many countries have frequent direct flights to Antalya. As soon as you arrive, you will have immediate access to world-class hotels and several accommodation possibilities.

If you choose Antalya as your vacation destination, you will be able to enjoy a gorgeous scenery as well as a thriving culture. While you will receive an outstanding medical care, you will also be able to experience the visual beauty and historical aspects Antalya has to offer from the must-visit heritage sites like Aspendos, Kaleiçi and the Temple of Apollo to outdoor activities, art galleries and crystal-clear waters and calming white-sand beaches of the Mediterranean Sea. The city has all of the essential components for a healthy lifestyle!

Kaleici-Old Town, Antalya Kaleici-Old Town, Antalya

When it comes to implants, we, at Dental Excellence, offer the most exceptional, quality dental care with up-to-date equipment and a highly-skilled and experienced team of dentists and experts. We have treated patients visiting from all over the world, giving us the edge when it comes to handling every single step from free of charge airport & hotel transportation to providing 24/7 assistance to ensure patient comfort and well-being.

Get in touch with us now to learn more about full mouth dental implants and make an appointment at Dental Excellence Turkey.

We are here to change your world with a brighter smile!


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