Hybrid Prosthesis: Frequently Asked Questions
August 19, 2021

Hybrid means the combination of two varieties of prostheses. On the one hand, it is a fixed prosthesis, since the patient cannot remove the prosthesis from the mouth; it is fixed, and constructed of two or more different materials. The goal was to give patients an option that was not removable, but that was removable by the clinician to clean and tighten or replace screws periodically.

We can compare 4 different hybrid prostheses as below:

1. Traditional Acrylic with Titanium Substructure.

  • This restoration is fabricated using a titanium frame that is designed to merge with the implant interface and has a retentive design that accommodates the adherence of acrylic and denture teeth.
  • Has resiliency that reduces impact forces so that it is not transferred to the implant.
  • Acrylic material is more prone to wear.
  • Easily repaired should you sustain trauma, which is a great advantage.
  • It does stain over a period of time, but this can be readily cleaned and polished.
  • Acrylic is generally cheaper and lighter, but won’t last as long as zirconia.

2. Composite Hybrid Prosthesis

  • A unique approach within the fixed hybrid category of restorations, Composite is a combination of Titanium frame and Tooth and tissue colored Composite.
  • Highly polishable, it can be repaired in the mouth.
  • Less likely to chip compared to acrylic or zirconia options.
  • Lightweight compared to Zirconia.
  • Very durable, may not be quite as durable as full zirconia.
  • Kind to opposing teeth; wears at about the same rate as natural teeth.

3. Metal Framework with Individual Porcelain Crowns

  • This treatment option utilizes a metal framework as a base, which includes individual crown preparations as part of the framework. The final restoration is delivered to the patient as a single unit.
  • Porcelain has markedly better aesthetics (e.g. less staining, better translucency) and better load-bearing characteristics than acrylic.
  • They have a higher risk of chipping edges and surfaces.
  • Metal Framework with Individual Porcelain Crowns is more expensive.
  • The crowns are fabricated and cemented individually to the framework the risk and cost of repair is dramatically reduced as the affected crown can be removed and a new crown fabricated.

4. A milled zirconia framework with full contour teeth, layered ceramics.

  • In this full arch fixed restorative option, a zirconia framework is made with porcelain laid on top.
  • When compared to metal as a framework, zirconia’s main advantages for use are its biocompatibility, excellent aesthetics and strength.
  • The white-coloured base eliminates any grey metal show-through under the porcelain and enhances the natural cosmetic characteristic of porcelain.
  • The use of porcelain over top of this framework provides translucency and aesthetics.
  • Due to the manner in which porcelain is processed onto the framework as one unit, If there is any chipping or fracturing of the restoration, the entire prosthesis must be removed, sent to the laboratory and the porcelain on the entire restoration must be redone.

How long does a Hybrid Prosthesis take?

Hybrid Prosthesis is a revolutionary procedure that required extensive training. The Hybrid Prosthesis team will include a dentist, surgeon, and technician. The oral surgeons at our dental centre will first check to see the strength of the jaw bone and locate the ideal areas to support the implant. Then the surgeons will place implants to the jaw bone. The surgery takes about 2 hours per arch. 3-6 months later, Implants fuse to the bone and this process is called osseointegration. Our prosthodontist will work along with our dental lab to have your prosthesis made. They will take moulds of your mouth. The fabrication of hybrid prosthesis will take 10 days with 4 visits.

What are the risks of Fixed Hybrid prosthesis?

  • Possible complications with food entrapment and challenges matching aesthetics of adjacent teeth.
  • The possible risk of an imp
  • lant failing, requiring removal or replacement.
  • Worn acrylic teeth, chipped porcelain or loose screws may require repair and or replacement.

What is the difference between a Hybrid Prosthesis and Dentures?

Dentures are removable and usually stick to your gums using an adhesive. This can cause problems when eating and drinking your favourite foods and beverages, and while speaking. Hybrid prosthesis offers better support. Because it is directly screwed in to dental implants. While dentures can become loose or dislodged during normal activities such as talking or eating, hybrid prosthesis will not. Unlike a Denture, the hybrid prosthesis can reach up to 90% of the natural masticatory efficiency. In addition to being strong, hybrid prosthesis look and feels like a natural teeth.  Gum irritation is eliminated, as is denture slipping, and the bite strength is increased, allowing for an increased option of foods.  Since they are supported by implants, these replace the tooth roots, helping to maintain the bone tissue, avoiding the deterioration and resorption that occurs after the loss of a tooth.

How Do You Clean Hybrid Prosthesis?

One of the best parts about opting for hybrid dentures is that you care for them just like you would your natural teeth. Brush twice a day, but just make sure you are using non-abrasive toothpaste. Make sure you are brushing the acrylic gum portion of your hybrid dentures, too.

Waterpik or electric irrigator works by means of a stream of water that goes below the dental prosthesis and removes the plaque, food particles and bacteria in an effective and simple way.

SuperFloss type dental floss has a rigid part that will be introduced under the hybrid prosthesis. In conjunction with the spongy part, it removes all traces of retained food.

Interdental brushes, these brushes have a small head and can be introduced under the prosthesis and between the abutments themselves to remove retained food.

The patient must visit their specialist dentist every 6 months so that the dentist can completely remove the prosthesis and perform a thorough cleaning of the abutments and prosthesis.

Compared to traditional dentures, Hybrid dentures are much easier to care for. With traditional dentures, they need to be taken out at night and soaked in special solutions. You need to make sure they don’t dry out and warp. Hybrid dentures stay permanently in your mouth.

Talk to Dental Excellence Turkey provider about the best strategies for caring of your Hybrid Prosthesis.


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