Invisalign Treatment in Turkey
April 24, 2022

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign treatment is an orthodontic treatment method without using braces. In this treatment method, transparent, almost invisible plaques are used instead of wires that patients can wear on the teeth. In fact, “Invisalign” is the company that developed the clear aligner treatment method in the field of orthodontics. Since it is an unrivaled company, clear aligner treatment is known as “Invisalign”. Invisalign-clear aligner treatment is an orthodontic treatment that includes digital and technology. The biggest reason why this method has been preferred recently is aesthetic concerns. Patients undergoing orthodontic treatment may feel uncomfortable because braces are noticed by other people or stand out at some point. However, the Invisalign treatment method can be easily used and preferred since there is no bad appearance in terms of aesthetics and the presence of transparent plaques is not obvious.

In Which Situations Is Invisalign Treatment Applied?

The success of Invisalign treatment has been clinically proven. Therefore, it has been used frequently and with peace of mind lately. Invisalign have the same force and capabilities to move teeth as braces. Therefore, complex orthodontic treatment or cases that require significant movement of teeth need Invisalign to achieve the desired outcome.

Invisalign-clear aligner therapy is preferred in the following cases;

Crooked Teeth; If you are looking to straighten your smile, Clear aligner therapy is an option.

Gaps between teeth; Clear aligner therapy can be used to treat the spaces between the teeth.

Open Bite; Invisalign can fix an open bite (when upper and lower teeth don’t meet) by moving upper and lower teeth into position so they close correctly.

Overbite; An overbite (when the upper teeth cover the lower teeth too much) can make it difficult to chew and bite into some foods.

Underbite; An underbite (when bottom teeth are in front of upper teeth) can cause your teeth to wear more quickly and create difficulties with speech

Crossbite; A crossbite (when some upper teeth sit inside lower teeth rather than outside ) can cause your teeth to chip and wear down and even cause gums to recede.

Conditions such as these are a few of the cases where Invisalign treatment is applied. If you are complaining about such problems, you can consult your doctor to determine the most appropriate treatment method for you.

How is Invisalign Treatment Applied?

Invisalign, the technological and digital version of orthodontic treatment, is one of the most frequently applied treatments. Just as the application method of each treatment is different, the application method of Invisalign treatment is also different. Invisalign-clear plate treatment is applied as follows;

  • A three-dimensional image of the inside of the patient’s mouth is taken. There are two methods for this;
  • By using intraoral scanners, an intraoral image can be taken.
  • The patient’s tooth measurements are taken with silicone-based impression material. These will be digitally transferred to the computer environment via the 3D scanning method called the CAD-CAM system.
  • The resulting image is loaded into the software associated with the system by revealing its aligners. The teeth in the digital environment are moved to their desired positions by computer simulation.
  • Thanks to this software, a clear aligner is produced according to each 0.05 mm movement phase.
  • Transparent plaques compatible with the mouth obtained are given to the patient and the patient must perform the application as recommended by the dentist.
  • The attachments (small tooth-colored protrusions attached to my teeth during invisalign treatment) are applied to your teeth in the first session. And these attachments remain until the end of the treatment. Some attachments may be relocated during treatment. All of these attachments are cleaned and removed from the tooth surface when your treatment is finished.

How to use Invisalign -Clear Aligners?

Invisalign-clear aligner application, in addition to the technology used in the production of clear aligners, the patient must also fully comply with the application recommended by the doctor to obtain good results.

  • Depending on the alignment of the teeth and the closure of the jaw, different numbers of plaques are applied to the patients. While 5 to 10 plaques are required for patients with mild dental disorders, 60-70 plaques, perhaps more, may be required for patients with serious problems.
  • Clear aligners need to be worn for 20 hours, even dentists emphasize that they should only be removed while eating.
  • You may drink beverages of normal temperature or cooler drinks, but it is recommended to take them out when drinking hot beverages such as tea, etc. Since Invisalign aligners are thermoplastic in nature, they can be deformed with heat exposure.
  • These plates need to be changed every 15 days.
  • Every morning, the plaques should be cleaned underwater with a toothbrush.
  • When your doctor creates a treatment plan, he will tell you the appointment days, it is important that you go to the scheduled appointments.

In Which Situations is Invisalign Treatment not Recommended?

Although Invisalign treatment is a frequently used method recently, this treatment method is not applied in some cases. Situations, where Invisalign treatment is not applied, are as follows;

  • If the patient has a very small tooth structure,
  • In orthognathic surgery patients,
  • In patients with impaired gingival health,
  • In patients with severe melting of the jawbones,
  • In patients with serious joint problems
  • There are some procedures determined by transparent record-producing companies. Such as the condition of the jaw movements, if the patient does not comply with this procedure,

and similar cases, Invisalign treatment is not recommended. You can consult your dentist to find out if Invisalign treatment is right for you.

What is the Price of Invisalign Treatment?

Many dental and health insurance plans now cover Invisalign treatment. However, the medical aid policies covered by insurance companies may vary. For this, contact the company that provides your health insurance. The price of Invisalign clear aligner treatment is as follows;

İnvisalign lite package £1600,-

İnvisalign compherensive package £2100,-

Invisalign Treatment Advantages in Turkey

The advantages of Invisalign clear aligner treatment can be listed as follows;

  • does not affect the patient’s social life,
  • Thanks to the use of a transparent plate, its presence in the mouth is not obvious.

Invisalign clear aligner treatment does not only have health benefits. At the same time, there are many advantages of having Invisalign clear aligner treatment in Turkey. These advantages can be listed as follows;

  • Opportunity to be treated with better quality and in a shorter time,
  • Opportunity to be treated with high health technologies,
  • The possibility of Invisalign clear aligner treatment to be more cost-effective,
  • Invisalign has the advantages of being a clear aligner treatment, as well as having the opportunity to travel and cultural activities.

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