Teeth Whitening in Turkey, The Definitive Guide
June 29, 2022

With Turkey teeth whitening treatment, you can get rid of all the discolourations that prevent your smile from getting better, such as yellowing of your teeth and the appearance of stains. Your procedure is performed by an experienced dentist who has applied many types of whitening procedures to patients from both in Turkey and abroad for many years.

You can have a wonderful natural smile that is white, bright and transmits light better, whenever you want. Contact us now, using our contact information in the Contact Us section and make your appointment!

What Awaits You in This Process?

If you have chosen us to whiten your teeth with a budget friendly and Antalya holiday bonus, we will decide your appointment date together with the most suitable one for you. A great hotel room in a luxury hotel is booked on your behalf 1 day before the date of your appointment.

When you land at the airport, we deliver your bag, suitcase and you to your hotel with the VIP transfer service. After resting here for 1 day, you come to the clinic the next day and meet your doctor. Your doctor will give you information about how to apply the procedure and what you need to pay attention to after the procedure.

If you approve, the transaction is made and you can adjust the time you will spend here as you wish and enjoy your holiday in Antalya with your new, whiter and brighter smile!

How is Teeth Whitening Turkey Procedure Performed?

Oral examination is performed first in individuals who want to have teeth whitening treatment. If there are problems in the oral tissues that need to be treated, it is necessary to deal with them first. Caries treatment, dental calculus cleaning are examples of such situations.

In addition, if a condition such as cracking of the tooth enamel or deterioration of the integrity of the tooth enamel is detected during the oral examination, the individual is not treated with teeth whitening.

Double gel application is preferred for Teeth whitening Turkey procedure. This application is made by mixing two different gels that whiten the tooth and make it stronger.

The gel is applied to all your teeth and spreads homogeneously. The teeth are then illuminated for 15 minutes. The process is usually completed in 2 sessions in the same appointment.

The application may take 45-60 minutes on average. This period may vary from person to person and the brand of gel product used.

The treatment can be applied to almost any individual aged 16 to 18 who has completed their dental development.

What Should Be Considered After Teeth Whitening Treatment?

In order not to reduce the effect of teeth whitening application, no food that may cause discoloration of the teeth should be consumed for the first 48 hours after the procedure. For example, coffee, soda drinks, foods containing food coloring should be avoided.

It is normal to have extreme sensitivity in the teeth in the first days. If this is very disturbing, fluoride can be applied.

In order to preserve the whiteness of the teeth for a long time, it is necessary to be more careful when consuming foods. If consumption such as cigarettes, alcohol and coffee is frequently, the problem of yellowing and staining of the teeth may occur again after a few months. In order to avoid such situations, the consumption should be reduced and the teeth should be brushed after consumption.

Teeth should not be brushed vigorously for several days. A soft toothbrush should be used.

Toothpastes with whitening properties should not be used for first week. It is recommended to be used once a day in the following process. Another toothpaste that does not have this feature should be used during the second tooth brushing of the day.

Fluoridated toothpaste can help reduce sensitivity in this process.

Does Teeth Whitening Harmful For Teeth?

If you pay attention to all the issues stated by your doctor, this application does not cause any harm to the teeth. In the oral examination, risk factors are minimized as the suitability of the oral tissues for the procedure is examined beforehand.

How Much Does Teeth Whitening Treatment Cost?

You can get information about the price of teeth whitening treatment and all other dental treatments you are wondering about by contacting us. Our contact information can be found in the Contact Us section.


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