Turkey Teeth
May 17, 2024

“Turkey Teeth”: A Comprehensive Guide

63% of people seeking dental treatment in the UK are considering having a Turkey Teeth. Turkey Teeth involves flying to Turkey to have dental treatment at a much cheaper cost than available in the UK. These treatments include many procedures such as dental implants, dental veneers, composite bonding, dental crowns and bridges.

What Are Turkey Teeth?

Turkey teeth’ is often used to unnatural, too white, too bulky or too opaque, all having the same length, blocky cosmetic dental procedures or teeth prepared for dental crown installation when they look like thin fangs or stubs.  But “Turkey Teeth” has unfortunately become a catchphrase for those who have had bad dentistry experiences. While there definitely have been many horror stories (“Turkey Teeth Gone Wrong”) in the media, there are thousands of positive testimonials have also fuelled Turkey’s dental expansion.

In this guide, we’ll break down the conversations around the #Turkeyteeth, so you can make a more informed decision. 

Turkey Teeth Before-After


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Turkey Teeth –  The Risks and Realities

 “Turkey teeth” is a term used to describe “baby shark-like” teeth that result from excessive trimming of a person’s natural teeth. At this point, it is necessary to know that dental crown and dental veneer are different concepts. Dental crowns are not suitable for most cases and are not performed unless necessary. In dental crown, %30 of the tooth surface has been preped for a porcelain restoration surrounding area. These procedures are performed on patients with discolored, severely misshapen or damaged teeth. Most dentists will not apply full mouth veneers as a cosmetic treatment. Crowns are often more suitable for functional dental restoration when the patient wants to not only change the shape of their teeth but also restore dental function. Dental crown treatment is a cosmetic procedure only possible for teeth that are already damaged.

Dental Centres in Turkey frequently offer dental veneers as cosmetic procedures. Veneers are more suitable for purely cosmetic procedures as they are not as invasive as crowns. A Laminate Veneers is thin covering over the front of the tooth surface and usually requires a small amount of tooth preparation of the tooth’s surface, allowing for a subtle amendment to the tooth shape. If your teeth are not very straight, then it is likely the teeth cannot be straightened with appearance of the tooth with only Laminate Veneers. Dental Excellence Turkey specialiese about laminate veneer procedures with professional dentist team that using latest technology equipments.

Is It safe to have teeth done in Turkey?

Turkey has become an increasingly popular destination for dental crowns and smile aesthetics in recent years. Qualified dentistry practices and successful health tourism policies contribute greatly to this increase. Every year, millions of people come to Turkey from different countries and receive dental treatment with affordable prices.

Turkish dentists are registered with the Turkish Dental Association, which strengthens and regulates the quality of dental services by applying international dental standards. This does not mean that the patient should approach their treatment in Turkey carelessly. As in every country, there are dental clinic of different qualities in Turkey and unfortunately there are doctors who abuse their profession. It is not right to generalize the dental expertise of an entire country based on a few unfortunate events. A patient in Turkey should pay extra care to avoid lower-quality clinics, such as those with bad patient reviews.

Where do celebs get their teeth done in Turkey?

Reality stars including Jack Fincham and Katie Price have shared their ‘Turkey Teeth’ experiences on social media. These treatments, which are performed for cosmetic purposes, have attracted reaction in some circles. Instead of the clinics preferred by celebrities for collaboration, patients should choose clinics that attach importance to quality by examining before-after photos and patient comments.

Explaining the treatment to the patient in detail and obtaining the patient’s consent is the first step in dentistry. The pros and cons of the treatment should be explained to patients seeking the ideal smile. At Dental Excellence Turkey, you are evaluated by doctors who are experts in their fields about all treatments. You can contact us today for getting more detailed information about your dental needs and discover the difference expertise makes.

How long do Turkey teeth last?

Dental crowns, described as “Turkey teeth” with a good dental care have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years. The quality of treatment you receive in Turkey will affect this time. Floss and brushing daily are important to maintain your oral hygiene, this will extend your dental crowns using time. Also, you can check Dental Excellence Turkey’s other blogs to get further information.

How To find the best clinic in Turkey

Finding a quality clinic in Turkey is easy. Pay attention to patient reviews to learn about the clinic’s service quality. You may also want to examine the clinic’s before and after pages to see the quality of their veneers or other procedures for yourself. Dental Excellence Turkey patients are mostly based on recommendation. Quality service that provided in the clinic with a latest technology equipment creates a strong bond between dental team and patients. Reviews with photos, are the most important part to choose the right clinic in Turkey. Please be careful that reviews can be bought via online to promote clinics yet review with photos including dental team will show you to clinic services.

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Turkey Teeth Patient Reviews at Dental Excellence Turkey


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