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Zirconia and Emax crowns are the new trends in cosmetic dentistry and their popularity is increasing day by day. The choice of dental crown material may vary from area to area they are being used. Zirconia is a resilient and white coloured material. Zirconia is a non-translucent material which means it does not let the light pass through, unlike natural teeth and porcelain. Because of their mechanical strength, they are more used in molar teeth, which is in a load bearing and aesthetically less important area.
Emax is a type of all-ceramic crowns which gives excellent aesthetic results. Although they give the most natural look on front teeth, Emax crowns are not the most favourable options for load-bearing areas such as molar teeth. Emax crowns are glass based materials and they are more prone to fractures under high pressure such as in the molar teeth.