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Beauty may be immeasurable, but harmony–one of the most important components of physical beauty—can be measured. The golden ratio be found in the facial structure of most of the people we consider to be beautiful. The natural law of beauty is the Golden Proportion, an essential component in creating the perfect smile. Our concept don’t just fix teeth—we develop a smile that will bring balance and symmetry to the entire face.

We will take photos and videos of your entire face to analyze your smile and visualize all possible dental and smile positions.

Dental photography

Impressions of your teeth will also be taken for study models. You and your dentist will discuss your concerns, expectations and the treatment plan.

Dental photography

You will then be shown how your final smile will look and mockups will be made to show you the final outcome. You can then make any final tweaks to elements such as tooth length or colour and shape.

Smile design photo

The final design manifacture process starts under calculated durations to ensure you are happy to proceed. Then, you will be provided with all of the relevant information you need to know about the manifacturing.

CAD/CAM photo

After treatment, you can enjoy predictable results and will be able to enjoy the smile that you chose in the planning stage.

Smile makeover finished case