Everything You Need to Know About Wisdom Teeth Treatment in Turkey
August 7, 2022

Wisdom teeth are the name given to a total of 4 teeth, one at each end of the lower and upper jaw, which usually begin to emerge in the 20s. Genetically, in some individuals, it may appear in the form of 3 or 2 seeds.

It can be seen in some individuals at the age of 15-16, in some individuals at the age of 30. While teeth are erupting, some symptoms such as fever, pain, gingival sensitivity, and fatigue can be seen, just like in the teething period of babies.

These types of symptoms can be very challenging for individuals who play an active role in business or education life. For this reason, doctor control is very important in the process of wisdom teeth extraction. If conditions such as decay and recurrent infection are observed, doctors consider it necessary to remove wisdom teeth.

In this way, the individual relaxes in a short time and can return to his normal life in 2-3 days. Otherwise, not only symptoms, but also risks such as infection in surrounding tissues and decay of neighboring teeth may occur. Therefore, individuals should definitely not delay their treatment.

Wisdom Teeth Treatment in Turkey

The process of Wisdom teeth treatment in Turkey begins with the oral examination of the individual. Oral health status is evaluated by the dentist in the clinical setting.

Then, by taking a panoramic x-ray, conditions such as teeth, nerve tissue, soft tissues, the location of the roots of the wisdom teeth are detected immediately.

The area is anesthetized by giving local anesthesia. Then the tooth is extracted by pulling. If necessary, the area is closed with 1-2 small stitches. Usually no stitching is required.

wisdom teeth removal

It is important that the teeth are pulled in order. All 4 teeth may not be removed at the same time. Your doctor will want to take the teeth on the right or left side first and then the other side. In this way, you can perform more comfortable eating and drinking actions during the healing process.

Note: It is recommended that you come to the dental treatment on a full stomach for local anesthesia application.

How is The Wisdom Teeth Treatment Process in Turkey?

If you choose our clinic in Turkey for Wisdom Teeth treatment, let’s talk about what the process will be for you.

First of all, your appointment is determined for a date that is suitable for both you and your doctor. If you are asked to arrange your flight ticket to be in Turkey one day before your appointment date, or if you request, we can also process your flight ticket for you.

Then, a luxury hotel room is rented on your behalf for 1 day before the clinical appointment date. The reason why these procedures are done 1 day before is to ensure that you have enough time to rest before your treatment.

The next day, you come to the clinic and your doctor will start the necessary procedures immediately.

Your doctor will inform you about what you should pay attention to during the healing process. If you want to extend your stay in Turkey and take a vacation, be sure to ask your doctor about the points you need to be extra careful about.

FAQs About Wisdom Teeth

My wisdom teeth do not cause any discomfort, should I still have it extracted?

No. Although it is rare, in some individuals, wisdom teeth do not cause any problems and remain healthy. In this case, your doctor will not recommend you to have your tooth extracted.

However, looking white and bright from the outside does not mean that wisdom teeth are healthy. You should definitely make a doctor’s appointment and have a panoramic x-ray examination for the root area to be examined.

When should wisdom teeth be extracted?

If they cause a health problem or decayed, they should be extracted immediately. Waiting reveals the risk of infection of the oral tissues and the risk of decay of the adjacent teeth.

What is impacted tooth?

Impacted tooth problem means that in some individuals, one or more wisdom teeth could not come out on time and some of them were visible from the outside and some of them remained buried.

In some individuals, the entire impacted tooth may remain in the jawbone, while in some individuals, a certain part of the tooth may not be visible because there is soft tissue on it.

In both cases, the risk of infection is high and the tooth/teeth should be removed, as they cause problems such as pain and swelling.

My wisdom teeth are swollen and sore. Can my teeth be extracted this way?

In such cases, acute infection is usually detected. For this reason, it is necessary to start antibiotic treatment first and to ensure complete hygiene in the oral tissues. Tooth extraction is performed after antibiotic treatment is completed.

If the tooth is extracted directly with an infection without antibiotics, the infection may spread to other tissues and cause major problems. Therefore, it is necessary to follow this way.

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