8 Tips To Find The Right Dental Clinic For You
May 1, 2023

How do I find the right clinic?

Recently, thousands of people have been going to have their teeth done in Turkey. However, in many news, there are people who have been treated in Turkey and become victims. So, is it possible to get the right treatment in Turkey?

There are clinics in Turkey that provide very high quality treatments, but it is difficult to choose the right one among the clinics that advertise so heavily.


1- The company that advertises the most does not mean the best quality clinic.

Due to the development of health tourism in Turkey, large companies are entering this sector by investing large capitals. These companies have huge advertising budgets. however, these companies, which make large expenditures, want a return on their investments. This can only happen by treating too many patients. For such companies, the number of patients entering the clinic is more important than the quality of treatment.

2- The clinic with a large number of followers is not a preferred clinic.

For high-budget companies, the fees for buying followers and commenting and making deals with influencers are very small. These types of games should not deceive you.

3- Read the comments carefully

Reviews aren’t hard to buy, but on pages like trustpilot, reviews are more likely to be realistic. Besides the stars of the comments, the content is also very important. It is important to be able to read exactly what the patient experienced during the treatment.

4- Be careful with whom you are dealing with in communication.

Most of the clinics in Turkey work with agencies. Agencies will contact you. It collects information about you and transfers you to the clinic. Then the clinic begins their treatment on a predetermined plan. The agency is responsible for the collection of information and any complications that may arise afterwards.

For example; We do not work with agents, this gives us some advantages. Having our own patients imposes more responsibility on us and we experience the effect of their satisfaction on us. We can reach our patients directly, and an intermediary to solve their problems is eliminated.

If you are considering getting treatment through an agency, it is necessary to research both the agency and the clinic. The agency’s certificate can be checked.

5- Clinics and agencies that can display all their staff transparently are more reliable.

There is a team that communicates with you before you come here, this team asks you for a photo, takes a simple treatment plan from the doctors through these photos and sends it to you. It gives you information on how everything will proceed until you get here. Who you talk to on this team is important because that person is the first to know you and will be the first to understand what you need. Telling the doctor about your expectation and what kind of treatment you want affects your treatment success a lot. We call these friends coordinators.

In some clinics and agencies, coordinators are divided into 2. The team 1 helps until you arrive in Turkey and this Team 1 usually works in an office outside the clinic. The second team helps you when you come to the clinic and they are responsible for your treatment process.

6- It is very important to know your doctor

Your dentist will do your treatment. Do you think it makes sense to be treated by an anonymous physician? Since it works in the form of many clinical versions, it has connected the way it works to a protocol. Thus, a physician becomes able to see more patients in a day. This system, which is efficient for the company, unfortunately does not mean that it is also efficient for you. It is not possible for the physician who cares for many patients on the same day to provide a quality treatment.

Remember, the person who will do your treatment is a doctor, the better the working environment he has, the more successful the treatment will be. The clinic that presents its doctor comfortably is a self-confident clinic, so the clinics that can promote their doctor on social media should be your priority.

7- Know your doctor’s specialization

After 5 years of dentistry education in Turkey, it becomes more effective in a certain field with a specialty or doctorate. They tend to be more inclined towards academic research in order to always remain updated.

8- There is a difference between affordable and cheap

Dental treatment fees in Turkey are much lower than in other European countries. Because labor is cheap in Turkey. People can take advantage of this opportunity and get dental treatments at a more affordable price than their country. However, this does not mean that dental treatments in Turkey are of poor quality. On the contrary, you are treated with digital tomography, high-end digital scanning devices and much more technologies that aren’t available in many developed countries.

Prices in Turkey are already affordable due to the low labor prices compared to your own country. However, if you decide to go lower than what the standard already is, do it at your own risk.

While there were 17 dental faculties in Turkey in 2005, this number is now 120. However, despite the opening of so many faculties in such a short time, there are no academicians who provide this much education. This means: While there are very qualified physicians in Turkey, there are also physicians who have not received full training. Choosing a cheap clinic at Turkish standards may also mean working with physicians who have not completed their full training. The prices of clinics in Turkey are affordable, but it would be risky to search for more suitable clinics.

I hope the information I provided was useful. See you later.


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