Snap on dentures vs all on 4
October 23, 2022

Snap on dentures vs all on 4; deep comparison?

Snap-on dentures are dentures that are supported by teeth or implants and the gum. In the long term, due to the changes in the teeth and bones of the patient, their support and stability decrease, causing various discomforts in the gum. In addition, they can lead to wear, increased mobility, caries and losses in the teeth they receive support. The bite force is low, as they get their biggest support from the jawbone and the gum above it, and it should be removed and cleaned after the meal. Since it is a removable prosthesis, food can get under it. This can sometimes be a problem in social life. All on four treatment, on the other hand, is a treatment option that allows 4 implants to be placed in the anterior regions and a fixed prosthesis on it, especially in cases where there is not enough bone in the posterior regions of the jawbone. It is a very good alternative to long, costly and complicated bone augmentation methods in cases where there is not enough bone in the posterior region; Thus, the total treatment time is shortened, costs such as bone grafts, membranes, etc. are reduced, while the patient can be treated with a simpler and more predictable method.

How soon after an extraction can I get a dental implant?

Nowadays, in appropriate cases, implants can be placed immediately after tooth extraction, which we call immediate implantation, mostly following tooth extraction. However, this is possible under certain conditions. Immediate implant placement reduces the success rate in the presence of advanced infection associated with the relevant tooth or advanced bone destruction due to this infection. In these cases, it may be preferable to leave the area to heal for an average of 3 months after tooth extraction and wait for the gum and bone tissues to become healthy. Sometimes, factors such as the number or shape of the roots of the involved tooth can make it difficult to place the implant immediately after tooth extraction. In these cases, it may be preferable to wait for the area to heal.

Why is my dental implant so sensitive?

In dental implants, just like teeth, various biological or mechanical problems can be experienced. Patients may encounter these problems both in the process after the implant operation until the prosthesis stage, and in the process after the prosthesis on the implant is made. Sensitivity may develop around the implant due to various factors such as post-operative infection, inadequate oral hygiene and wound care of the patient, smoking, type and amount of gingiva, competence of the doctor, and prosthesis design. In such cases, it would be the most rational method for the patient to contact his doctor.

What should I expect after a wisdom tooth is taken out?

Wisdom teeth may need to be extracted for a variety of reasons. Among them, narrowness of space, driving in the wrong direction, caries, bad breath, the absence of the opposite, the development of various pathologies around it, or unreasonable pain in the jaw and ear region are the most common causes. After wisdom tooth extraction; Although the position of the tooth in the mouth varies depending on many factors such as the presence of any pathology associated with the tooth, the shape and number of its roots, some health problems the patient has, and the patient’s attention to post-operative recommendations, the healing process can be overcome without any complaints in patients, as well as pain, Conditions such as swelling or sometimes bruising can be expected. However, this situation can be minimized by the regular use of the drugs given after the operation by the patient in line with the knowledge and experience of the doctor, and by following the post-operative recommendations.


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