All on Four Implant Treatment in Turkey
November 19, 2021

What are the Features of Implant Treatment?

Implant treatment is a permanent treatment method for the patient’s oral and dental health. The difference between implant dental treatment and other preferred prosthetic dental treatment is that the implant screws are placed directly on the jawbone. The features of implant treatment can be listed as follows;

  • It is a permanent treatment method.
  • It does not cause deformations or deterioration in the jawbone and mouth structure.
  • There is no loss in the function of the teeth.
  • Having an aesthetic appearance.
  • It is a successful method preferred in the treatment of missing teeth.
  • It does not cause speech disturbances.
  • The cost of dental implant treatment is average when compared to the lifetime and cost of implant teeth.

What is the All on Four Technique?

Today, oral and dental health are among the conditions that affect the life level of patients. Therefore, new treatment methods are developed based on patient satisfaction.

Situations affecting patient satisfaction;

  • Chewing,
  • Taste,
  • Speech,
  • Pain
  • It is an aesthetic appearance.

The preferred treatment method, especially in tooth loss, is implant treatment. Implant dental treatment is the preferred treatment method in cases where several teeth are missing. Because implant treatment is applied in patients who have no teeth in the mouth, and it is both a costly and time-consuming treatment method. All on 4 treatment is preferred in patients with no teeth. All-on-4 treatment is among the fast and effective dental treatment methods preferred due to sinus lift, bone addition and bone deficiency. All-on-4 treatment is performed by performing a fixed prosthetic restoration on 4 to 6 implants on the same day as the surgical operation.


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