Celebrity Teeth, Secret of Millie Bobby Brown’s Smile

Mille Bobby Brown Smiles

It has many famous straight tooth alignments. Dentists and treatment methods have many effects on straight teeth. Millie Bobby Brown’s teeth were also straightened by dentists, and these straight teeth were achieved with Invisalign treatment. The treatment methods applied to Millie Bobby Brown’s teeth are alternative dental treatments to orthodontic treatment. In this article, we will talk about the treatments applied to Millie Bobby Brown’s teeth. We wish you healthy reading.

Millie Bobby Brown’s previous Smile
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Benefits of Digital Smile Design

What is a digital smile design?

Digital Smile Design (DGT) is an aesthetic smile design designed by dentists using digital technologies. Digital Smile Design is based on in-depth analysis of the patient’s teeth and facial proportions using advanced digital design software. Thanks to the advanced digital program, the dentist focuses on creating a natural and beautiful smile by ensuring harmony between the teeth, gums, lips, and face of the patient. A patient-centred approach is essential. Each smile is personal and the most suitable design can be made for each patient. The designed smile is presented to the patient and the patient’s approval is obtained before any procedure. As a result, the treatment process is approved by the patient and the dentist begins.

The patient sees the result before the design therefore they will not be disappointed.

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Veneers in Turkey

People choose to get Veneers to make their front teeth look straighter and whiter for a more confident smile. If you feel you do not possess a good smile, please don’t worry. First of all, modern-day cosmetic dentistry can make a world of difference to your smile, making you more confident, socially accessible, and more effective at your job. Dental Excellence Turkey, where the most famous aesthetic dentists of this region are located, gives you the warmth, experience and passion you want and deserve in a good aesthetic dentist.

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Benefits and Risks of Dental Implant

For a confident smile, it is important to have dental aesthetics, the glazing of the teeth, and the full number of teeth in the mouth, that is, complete teeth in the mouth. There are many treatment methods to make the smile aesthetic. We have compiled information about implant treatment from these methods for you.

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Hybrid Prosthesis: Frequently Asked Questions

When discussing a full arch fixed implant solution with patients, clinicians spend a considerable amount of time and attention on planning the surgical aspects of the case, temporary prosthesis and the final full arch restoration. When you lose your teeth, it causes severe bone loss in your face. Over time, the bone loss will only get worse if you don’t find a solution for your teeth. Hybrid Prosthesis can restore tooth and tissue loss as to establish proper speech and chewing. They help maintain tooth, bite and jaw alignment by preventing remaining teeth from shifting out of position.

A hybrid prosthesis
A hybrid prosthesis
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Antalya: The Pearl of Mediterranean, and The Turkish Riviera

Welcome to Antalya – a beautiful and unforgettable city, the pearl of the Mediterranean, and the Turkish Riviera!!

Located on Anatolia’s southwest coast bordered by the Taurus Mountains, Antalya is the largest Turkish city on the Mediterranean coast with over one million people in its metropolitan area.

Antalya – place, where the spirit of history is united with modern life. You will never be bored here, because this place is, first of all, one of the most popular touristic destinations in Turkey. So here we go!

We prepared for you the most interesting and need to see places in Antalya for your trip.

So here we go!

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Teeth Whitening Procedures And Prices

1. Introduction

In recent years, with the increasing trend and desire for whiter teeth to enhance aesthetic appearance, teeth whitening is becoming a popular choice of treatment among patients.  The resultant tooth discoloration with or without malformation could compromise the individual appearance, social integration and quality of life. Hence, the treatment of discolored teeth has gained prominence in the practice of esthetic dentistry.

The lightening of the tooth color through the application of a chemical agent to oxidize the organic pigmentation in the tooth is referred to as bleaching. Bleaching treatment is considered to be the most conservative, safe, effective, and minimally invasive method to overcome external and internal tooth discoloration to esthetically alter the color of teeth.

The advantage of teeth whitening lies in those treatments in which the dental structures are preserved. In addition, with the advent of new bleaching agents, the procedure is relatively quick and safe.

Teeth whitening operation
Teeth whitening
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What is Tooth Sensitivity?

Tooth Sensitivity Reasons

Tooth sensitivity is a common dental problem that involves discomfort or pain in teeth when encountering certain substances and temperatures. The pain caused by hot or cold foods could be a sign of a cavity; it’s also common in people who have sensitive teeth. The pain is often sharp and sudden, but it is temporary. Fortunately, sensitive teeth can be treated and the condition can improve.

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Veneer and Crown: What’s the difference?

Veneers and crowns are long-lasting solutions for patients who suffer from some functional and cosmetic dental problems and are looking to bring back their smiles. Dull, discolored or misshapen teeth, gaps between teeth, and broken teeth can be addressed with veneers and/or crowns.

Veneers and crowns are both dental restoration methods that can improve the look and function of your teeth. The main difference is that a veneer covers only the front of your tooth and a crown covers the entire tooth. Here’s a look at the differences between veneers and crowns, the pros and cons of each, and how they’re used.

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