Celebrity Teeth, Secret of Millie Bobby Brown’s Smile
November 28, 2021


Invisalign treatment is one of the orthodontic treatment methods without using braces. In this treatment method, there are transparent, almost invisible plaques instead of wires that patients can put on their teeth. Patients undergoing orthodontic treatment may feel uncomfortable because their braces are noticed by others or come to the fore at some point. However, the Invisalign treatment method is easily preferred by patients, since it does not have a bad aesthetic appearance and the presence of transparent plaques is not obvious. Millie Bobby Brown, who is in our minds with her smile, also preferred Invisalign clear aligner treatment because of the unaesthetic images that may occur in orthodontic treatment. Invisalign treatment is applied as follows;

  • Different plate numbers are determined according to the needs of each patient and these plates are produced.
  • While 5-10 clear plates are sufficient for mild tooth crowding, 60-70 clear plates may be needed for patients with severe tooth crowding.
  • Transparent plaques placed on the teeth are removable plaques. However, it should be worn for at least 20 hours.
  • These transparent plaques should be renewed every 15 days according to the improvement of the teeth.

The advantages of Invisalign clear aligner treatment can be listed as follows;

  • It has no negative impact on the patient’s social life.
  • It does not cause aesthetic anxiety.
  • The presence of transparent plaques in the mouth is not obvious.
  • It offers the opportunity to be treated with better quality and in a shorter time.
  • It provides the opportunity to be treated with high health technologies.

Porcelain Veneer

Millie Bobby Brown’s teeth weren’t straightened with just Invisalign treatment. In addition to Invisalign treatments, different treatments were also preferred. One of these treatments is the “Porcelain Veneer” treatment.

Porcelain veneer treatment, Orthodontic treatment is a treatment that lasts for months or years, according to some oral problems, porcelain veneer treatment is a treatment method that saves patients time. The treatment takes 7-8 days. Porcelain veneers are produced by devices in a laboratory environment following the patient’s mouth measurements. The treatment can be applied as follows;

  • First of all, it is necessary to be examined by a dentist.
  • The tooth surfaces are cleaned.
  • Tooth levels are roughened and tooth surfaces are cleaned. The degree of roughening varies according to the tooth structure.
  • After the roughening of the teeth, tooth measurements are taken and porcelain veneer veneers are prepared in the laboratory according to the measurements taken.
  • When the teeth are ready in the laboratories, the patient’s teeth are thoroughly cleaned for the last time.
  • Afterward, porcelain veneers have adhered to the tooth surface with the help of a special gel.
  • You can have an aesthetic smile just like Millie Bobby Brown’s smile with porcelain veneers within 5-7 days after the above applications are made on your teeth.

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Smile Makeover

Millie Bobby Brown’s Smile 2021

Smile Makeover can be defined as the removal of aesthetically unappealing tooth and gum problems that may occur for many reasons. It is a dental improvement process designed according to the person’s lip structure, gingival condition and tooth color, tooth level, and tooth alignment. Smile Makeover is the preferred treatment method in the following cases;

The situations where Smile Makeover can be done are;

One missing tooth

  • Problems in tooth alignment,
  • Interdental space,
  • Gum problems,
  • Inappropriate size of the teeth,
  • darkened teeth,
  • Tooth and gingival incompatibilities,
  • The patient is uncomfortable with his smile,
  • Presence of rotten teeth,

Conditions such as Smile Makeover are among the conditions that can be applied.

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