How long do I need to travel for Smile Design?
April 24, 2022

Smile design is the treatment process that the aesthetic dentist carries out by adhering to digital technology and the golden ratio to bring the patient’s smile back. While the dentist is designing a smile, he designs a patient-specific smile by considering every aspect of the smile.

The smile design is designed by considering the proportions between the patient’s mouth and face, including the gums, lips, and teeth. Many smile design treatments such as dental coatings, teeth whitening treatments, and implants treatments are applied to give the patient a new smile. Smile design can be performed with only one dental treatment method, or smile design can be made using more than one dental treatment method. Smile design can be defined as the planning of aesthetic and orthodontic treatment processes that will reveal the smile of the patient.

Why should you get a smile design done?

There may be many reasons for the patient to have an aesthetic smile design treatment. The reasons for having a smile design can be listed as follows;

  • Desire to have a younger appearance
  • To be confident and look more confident
  • Reasons such as feeling more attractive may be among the reasons for requesting a smile design treatment.

Smile Design in Turkey

There are smile design dental clinics all over the country and the world that provide smile design services. A quick internet search will yield numerous smile design institutes and dentists in your area. You will probably need to consult a few dentists to find the one that works best for you and fits your lifestyle and budget. Compared to Europe and America, dental treatments can be reached at much more affordable prices in Turkey. Health system in Turkey is highly developed and dental treatments are at world standards. For these reasons, thousands of people visit Turkey every year for health tourism.

How long do I need to travel for Smile Design?

In general, we can complete Smile Design just in a week with minimum 3 dental appointments. We can place implants in 5 days.  However, if you plan to do cosmetic dentistry procedures such as Veneers or Crowns/Full veneers 7-8 days is recommended. Teeth Whitening, Root Canal Treatment and Fillings will be completed in one appointment. Importantly, it is best to be in contact with us to get best advice on how long you will need to travel and stay for your treatment.

How much does a smile design cost?

The average cost for a smile design is about 3,600€  if the teeth are in good condition and do not need any additional treatments such as dental implants or root canals. This fee is a special price for Dental Excellence. Smile design is more than full lips, plastic surgery, or dental implants. For this reason, we recommend that you decide to have a smile design after researching the dental clinics and clinical conditions where you will have a smile design. Comprehensive examination and treatment processes regarding smile design, oral and dental health. We welcome you to the Dental Excellence dental clinic. You can also choose to be treated at a clinic outside your country to save money on more expensive procedures, so we welcome you to our clinic in Turkey.

What do dentists pay attention to when designing your smile?

When dentists make smile design evaluate together Teeth characteristics and facial features.

We can list the facial features and the teeth characteristics they examined as follows:

Facial features: A smile design dentist needs to consider the symmetry, alignment, and proportions of the face to design a smile. The team consisting of orthodontists, orthognathic surgeons, periodontists, and plastic surgeons needs to analyze separately.

Lips play an important role in smile design as they limit the teeth. The shape, movement, and flexibility of the lips can determine the appearance of a smile.

  1. a) Lip length: The upper lip tends to sag with aging, so the dentist carefully analyzes it to reduce this distance between the lip and nose, or at least the appearance of this distance helps the patient look younger.
  2. b) Lip mobility: the dentist measures the distance between the upper lip and the smiling position. Some patients may have hypermobility, which causes a gingival smile.

Teeth characteristics; The dentist considers the following dental factors when designing a smile:

– Dental midline

– Cutter length

– Thread dimensions

– The angle formed between the long axis of the tooth and the bone it comes from

– The area where two adjacent teeth come into contact

– The contact area between two teeth

– Space between the two ends of adjacent anterior teeth

– Gender, personality, and age

– Symmetry and balance

– The smile line is at the lower edge of your upper teeth

– The dentist considers the following dental factors when designing a smile:

– Gum health

– Gingival line

– Interdental embrasure (space between adjacent teeth)

– Smile line


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