Porcelain Veneers for Crooked Teeth
March 29, 2021

Porcelain veneers are one of the most amazing services that dentists have to offer because they can completely transform your smile. Crooked or misaligned teeth make it difficult for patients to effectively brush and floss their teeth, which may result in excess plaque buildup on the teeth. In addition, crooked teeth can cause stress to the muscles and joints in the jaw. When pressure is not eventually distributed through the jaw, patients may experience tension, discomfort, or pain in the jaw region. The goal is to straighten crooked teeth to help restore function and beauty to the smile.

If you have crooked teeth and would like to straighten them, these days there are many options available. Unlike traditional orthodontic techniques, porcelain veneers can be finished within one week. Whether you have chips, cracks, gaps, discoloration, or misshapen teeth, porcelain veneers can deliver you the smile of your dreams. But what if you have crooked teeth? Can you still benefit from this life-changing treatment? Keep reading to learn whether you’re an ideal candidate for porcelain veneers and if you can get this treatment even with a misaligned smile. At Dental Excellence Turkey, all doctors are highly trained in porcelain veneer treatment for crooked teeth.

misaligned teeth porcelain veneers

Some Teeth Are Just Too Crooked

If your teeth are crooked to the point that it affects your oral health in addition to your appearance, then porcelain veneers may not be the best option. Porcelain veneers would conceal this problem rather than solve it, putting you at risk for even more severe oral health issues down the road. For these cases, you should talk to our orthodontist about orthodontic treatment as a possible option.

Do You Have Minor Misalignment?

If you have some teeth that are just slightly crooked, porcelain veneers are probably a great solution! In this situation, your oral health isn’t being affected, and porcelain veneers can be bonded to the front surfaces of your smile for a beautifully aligned appearance. The best part is that your dream set of teeth can be achieved in just 2 appointments instead of waiting years for orthodontics. Plus, dental porcelain is relatively stain-proof, making it harder to discolor your new smile!

misaligned teeth

Porcelain veneers are ideal for those with crooked teeth, and they also have benefits over other treatments for tooth misalignment. For example, veneers:

  • Are faster and more comfortable than Invisalign® and braces
  • They can correct discolored teeth
  • Also correct chipped or irregularly shaped teeth
  • Can cover gaps between teeth
  • Are stronger and longer lasting than dental bonding.

Custom-Made for Your Smile

One of the best features of porcelain veneers is their adaptability. Each veneer is custom designed to fit your smile and look as natural as possible. At Dental Excellence Turkey we provide an impression of your teeth, as well as photos of your smile and face to our lab. This ensures the ceramists create veneers that are the correct color, size, and shape for your dental anatomy.

Women with refreshed teeths

At our clinic, we offer minimal-prep veneers along with traditional veneers. Minimal-prep veneers require little to no tooth reshaping, only a slight removal of enamel to ensure a strong bond. They are thinner, but still durable. However, these are not suitable for all cosmetic issues, so your dentist will consult with you regarding which type is most suitable.

Porcelain Veneer Maintenance

One of the best parts of porcelain veneers is their longevity. Cured and hardened through high temperatures, veneers are sturdy and resilient. Composite veneers, while less expensive, are less durable than their porcelain counterparts.

On average, composite veneers last between five and seven years before a touchup is necessary. With proper care and maintenance, porcelain veneers can last 10 years. With meticulous care, your veneers can last up to 20 years.

Much like your natural teeth and other dental work, porcelain veneers require daily maintenance and cleaning to maintain their appearance and integrity. Because they are only bonded to one side of the tooth, they are more susceptible to breaking off or cracking. Here, at Dental Excellence Turkey, we recommend the following guidelines for keeping your veneers intact:

  • Avoid hard foods like candy, fruit pits, etc.
  • Avoid chewing ice
  • Brush and floss regularly
  • Do not use metal dental cleaning tools

The main takeaway here is to avoid trauma and damage. Treat your veneers well and they can last for years to come.

Why do people choose Turkey for dental treatments?

With its highly qualified professionals and affordable deals, Turkey has become one of the most popular countries in departures such as plastic and cosmetic surgery. Porcelain veneers are among the most recommended procedures in Turkey due to the growing success of the treatment. In the United Kingdom, porcelain veneers cost considerably more than in most dental centres in Turkey, which attract Europeans, who are looking to change their smiles at half the price. Our dental centre in Antalya provides the best services for our patients.

How much is a full set of Porcelain Veneers in Turkey?

The process of receiving veneers takes around seven days. Depending on the overall oral health of the teeth in question, dental work may need to be done before veneers can be applied. As far as costs, porcelain veneers cost around 170 € to 300 € per tooth on average.

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