Why should we prefer Turkey for dental implants?
January 22, 2020

Looking to get dental implants in Turkey? What about veneers, crowns, whitening of teeth or special dental treatment? Many dentists in Turkey provide excellent dental care at very low prices as compared to the UK, making it a popular dental vacation destination. You’re bound to have questions about getting treatments such as dental implants and veneers in Turkey though.


The major reason for traveling to Turkey for dental treatment is the price. Patients can save from UK dental costs 70%. The more extensive and expensive the treatment, of course, the more you are saving–and that is why Turkey’s teeth implants (including all-on-4) and veneers are particularly popular.

Patients can save money, however, by visiting a Turkish dental clinic for other cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening and even crowns, bridges and dentures. Simply put, if your teeth are in a bad state and the treatment you need in your home country seems unaffordable, a dental holiday in Turkey could be your remedy.

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Flights, Location

Flights to Turkey take around 4 hours. You can fly direct from London to Istanbul in just shy of four hours. It may not be as near the UK as other well known dental the travel industry goals like Poland, Hungary, and Spain, however, Turkey is as yet helpful to go after dental patients from all over Europe.

Turkey has a great deal to offer as far as history, culture, shopping and seashores, such huge numbers of dental patients decide to expand their stumble into a dental occasion and take advantage of their time in the nation. A considerable lot of the best dental facilities in Turkey are situated in Istanbul, which is a mainstream vacationer goal in its very own right. For guests making a beeline for the seashore to appreciate the Mediterranean atmosphere, there are additional facilities in the south-coast city of Antalya and other waterfront resort towns.


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