Budget-Friendly Dental Implant Treatment – Bonus Mediterranean Vacation
June 15, 2022

Dental implant treatment is a seriously expensive operation in many countries. For this reason, in order to access more affordable and high quality treatment options, you can get treatment by professional dentists in Antalya, one of the best cities in Turkey, and have a wonderful Mediterranean holiday.

Why You Should Choose Dental Implant Turkey?

Dental implant Turkey includes a range of services that are customized for you. Everything from the airport to the transfer service with VIP vehicles to the Turkish dentists providing professional service in the field is offered to you in a very affordable package.

How Is The Dental Implant Turkey Treatment Process?

First of all, you can reach us via e-mail or phone after reviewing the website of our clinic. At this stage, you can get information from us about any subject you are curious about. In line with the information you receive, if you decide to be treated, an appointment date will be created for you.

Then your reservation is made in a luxury hotel for you. When you land at the airport, our contracted VIP transfer company greets you and delivers you to your hotel. Then the next day, you will come to the clinic and be examined.

At the stage of your examination, it is checked whether your oral tissues are suitable for dental implants. X-rays are taken and information about your health history is taken. If your health conditions are suitable;

  • Digital smile design,
  • Full mouth dental implant rehabilitation for example All on 4 , All on 6 is applied.

Of course, it’s a general statement we’re talking about. There is no limit to the dental treatments you can get here. Your doctor will plan your treatment for you, with options that fit your budget, whatever your health condition needs.

How Is Dental Implant Treatment Performed in Our Clinic?

In dental implant treatment, the tissues that will support the implant are examined first. The bones, palate and gums in the mouth are the tissues that support the dental implant. When these tissues are suitable, treatment can be started immediately.

There is a point you need to know about these tissue. When the tooth is extracted or it falls out for any reason, the tooth cavity that occurs in a short time closes and the palate becomes flat just like in babies. After loosing tooth, the tissue which is supporting this tooth can be resorbed. Bone can loose its volume. The less bone volume makes difficult to place implant.

In this case, dental implants cannot be performed and other treatment options are evaluated. Of course, in this case, it cannot be said that the dental implant is definitely not done. With the bone graft or other surgical technic, sufficient palate and bone structure can be made where the implant can be placed. In order to avoid such a situation, you should start dental implant treatment immediately after you lose your tooth or if your tooth will be extracted.

If we go back to the treatment process, the procedure starts with local anesthesia given to the area. Then, the screw made of tissue-friendly titanium alloy is placed in the cavity. After a while, this screw will fuse with the bone tissue. Then, a dental prosthesis, which has the same appearance as natural teeth, is placed on the upper part of the screw.

In this process, you can evaluate the time you spend in Antalya by going on excursions such as a boat tour that will not tire you too much.

Digital Smile Design with Dental Implant

You can have a digital smile design at an affordable price by using your dental implant Turkey treatment option. For this process, photos of your smile are taken from different profiles and transferred to the computer.

Here, your doctor will show you in advance what you will look like when the procedure is finished by applying the smile model you have specified. At this stage, you can tell your doctor about the situations you like or want to change.

Then, your oral examination is done and your dental implants are placed in the design you want, respectively. Considering your health status, 12 – 15 dental implants can be inserted in a single session. When the whole process is completed, you will have the smile of your dreams!

What Should Be Considered After Dental Implant Treatment?

  • You should not remove the tampon for 30 minutes after the operation is completed.
  • After removing the tampon, it should not be made with any other object (cotton, napkin, etc.). Such actions can lead to infection.
  • No food or drink should be consumed for at least 2 hours after the operation. Since the effect of the anesthesia continues, you may injure the tissues in the mouth by biting them without realizing it.
  • You should not rinse your mouth with water or any other product and should not spit. Bleeding may continue for up to 24 hours in the form of leakage. This situation is expected and accepted as normal. Spitting up the blood may cause increased bleeding and delay the bleeding to stop.
  • You should not smoke for 7 days; You should abstain from alcohol for about 10 days. Similarly, you should not consume hot foods during this period. You can consume cold foods and drinks.
  • If you have been given antibiotics or painkillers, you should use them regularly. Painkillers are a wide variety of drugs and you may want to use your own medicine. However, not every painkiller is suitable for the post-operative period. For this reason, if you want to use a different medicine than the one in the prescription, you should definitely inform your doctor.
  • After the operation, swelling and edema on the cheek can be reduced by applying ice compresses. You can do a few sets of applications by taking a break for 5 minutes and keeping the ice pack on your cheek for 10 minutes. Ice application is no longer needed 48 hours after the operation.
  • You should not control the operation area with objects such as tongue, finger or toothpick. Such actions can lead to infection and non-stop bleeding.
  • In the first days, actions such as taking a shower with hot water, doing intense physical activity, exercising are not correct. It can slow healing. For this reason, you can visit Antalya after you get through the first 24 hours without tiring yourself too much.

What Is Dental Implant Turkey Price?

Many factors such as the brand of the dental implant to be used, the number of implants, the additional procedures to be performed, whether a digital smile design is necessary or your desire to arrange it yourself, affect the prices.

For this reason, you should contact us using the information contained in the Contact us section of our website. In the meantime, you can ask us all your questions, including the price, completely free of charge. Although the general pricing is on our website, you should call or whatsapp us to get more precise information by specifying the transactions you want to have.


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